5 Resources To Kickstart 2021 With Instructional Audio

2020 was a unique year as the unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic placed a new set of challenges in the learning environment. Prior to the pandemic, school districts were faced with helping students overcome barriers to hearing, now those barriers have been exacerbated with physical distancing, facial masks, and remote learning.  

To kickoff 2021, we want to share a few resources to help you navigate the current landscape with information about instructional audio, COVID-19 hybrid learning environments, and funding information from teachers, administrators, audiologists, and researchers.  

Article: Classroom Audio Support Learning Now, More Than Ever 

The American Speed-Language-Hearing Association shares research from the Educational Audiology Association that shows how classroom audio can help all students hear better, especially in the COVID-19 pandemic.  

Video: In Action: Instructional Audio in the Classroom during COVID and Beyond 

Simi Valley discusses the implementation and impact of instructional audio in their school district. While Simi Valley initially implemented classroom audio for their deaf and hard-of-hearing student population, the systems have benefited all of the students. 

Blog: Schools Retool Classrooms to Overcome COVID Challenges To Learning  

Lightspeed had the opportunity to speak with administrators across the country representing school districts large and small to discuss their plans for the school year and how to best meet the needs of students and teachers while managing the safety concerns associated with the pandemic. 

Case Study: How Classroom Audio Became a Classroom Standard  

Explore how classroom audio tools coupled with the goal of technology standardization made a difference in the lives of students, teachers, and classrooms across schools in the Livermore Valley Joint Unified School District in California. 

Article: 10 Questions About the Stimulus for Schools, Answered  

In December, Congress passed a package designed to boost the economy, help families, and support K-12 and higher education; learn more about the details in this Chalkbeat frequently asked questions to see what the stimulus could mean for your school.