Education Conferences Turn to Lightspeed’s ‘Redcat Project’ to Prepare for Return of In-Person Attendees


Lightspeed, a leading provider of powerful instructional audio solutions, announces the return of its Redcat Project for education conferences as the industry prepares for in-person attendees again.

The Redcat Project is a program created by Lightspeed to provide select education conferences around the country with the use of Redcat instructional audio systems at no cost to the organizers. An all-in-one instructional audio system with a flat-panel speaker design and wireless microphone, the Redcat audio system delivers high intelligible speech everywhere in a room. Two wireless microphones and a wireless media connector amplify audio from laptops and other audio devices, ensuring that speakers’ voices are heard—loud and clear.

TCEA, a non-profit association dedicated to advancing teaching and learning through the use of technology, relies on the Redcat Project each February during its annual education conference in Dallas, Texas.

“We’ve partnered with Lightspeed since 2010,” said Meaghan Rhame, the director of conferences and events at TCEA. “The Redcat instructional audio system is incredibly easy to move around and use throughout the convention center. We love its ease of use for educators.”

The South Carolina EdTech Conference, an annual education conference for educators in South Carolina and the surrounding east coast, also relies on the Redcat Project.

“Over the past five years or so, we’ve trusted the Redcat instructional audio system for our conference’s audio,” said Ken DeBerry, the technical manager at the South Carolina EdTech Conference. “Despite workshops and vendor booths spread across 15 rooms, our attendees are always amazed at how clear the microphones sound. In fact, we request fewer volunteers each fall because there’s less set-up time and troubleshooting required.”

“Our team strives to provide exceptional audio solutions not just for schools or districts, but for everyone in education,” said David Solomon, CEO of Lightspeed. “Partnering with education conferences like TCEA, the South Carolina EdTech Conference, and others accelerates our mission to transform education.”

In addition to TCEA and the South Carolina EdTech Conference, Lightspeed works with other major education conferences like ITEC, MassCUE, SLATE, NCCE, ASTE, SRN, and others.

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