Lightspeed Releases New Platform, Taking Instructional Audio to the Next Level


The ‘Instructional Audio Solutions’ platform includes the same trusted performance models, now with updated functionality, new features and an improved user interface 

TUALATIN, Ore. (June 22, 2021) – With more than four decades of research underscoring the crucial link between being able to hear clearly and learning, the evidence in favor of instructional audio is overwhelming. That’s why Lightspeed, a leading provider of powerful instructional audio solutions, today released a sweeping update to its entire line of instructional audio systems, now referred to as the Instructional Audio Solutions platform.  

These updates enhance both the user experience and functionality of the systems, creating a smoother process for leveraging instructional audio in classrooms. Among the many updates are all-new microphones, life-safety interface and two-way USB audio integration.  

“We know from research and experience, how critical it is for students and teachers to be able to communicate clearly in the classroom, with as little interference as possible,” said David Solomon, CEO of Lightspeed. “This system update is a reflection of our commitment to ensure teachers and students have the best experience possible, with all aspects of our equipment.”  

Updates include:  

  • Integration with life-safety solutions, allowing alert notifications from the teacher microphone and audio muting during critical building-wide announcements 
  • Completely re-engineered Sharemike and Flexmike microphones, offering a sleek design  
  • “Point-to-Pair” from microphones, allowing teachers to easily move from room to room 
  • Two-way wireless USB audio link to ensure seamless integration with computers and interactive displays for distance learning applications 
  • Remote firmware updates of primary components via USB to allow for greater reliability
  • Small-group pod selection from the teacher microphone to eliminate the need for a separate remote-control device for Activate systems
  • An overall modernized user interface, making instructional audio simpler to implement than ever before

“Access to listening has never been more critical, or more valuable,” said Shaun Fagan, VP of Product Development at Lightspeed. “Instructional Audio Solutions put the right tools in place to ensure every voice is heard, and that time and attention are spent on what matters most.”  

As part of the upcoming ISTELive 21 Solutions Showcase, Lightspeed will present: Supporting Learning Environments with Instructional Audio in the Post-COVID Classroom.  

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Lightspeed is on a mission to help every student hear every word. To that end, the company has brought powerful instructional audio solutions to K-12 institutions around the globe for more than 30 years. Each product inspires communication and collaboration by delivering crystal-clear, low-volume and highly intelligible sound. Lightspeed offers solutions for several learning environments, including whole- and small-group, distance, and hybrid instruction. Passionate about its culture of service, Lightspeed remains dedicated to improving the lives of educators and students through its products, research and partnerships. To learn more, visit

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