Amy Nelson

Governor’s Ranch Elementary (CO)

5th-grade teacher


How I Use Redcat:

I remember using my Redcat for the first time on the first day of school. The students were a little surprised to hear my voice coming from the back of the room even though I was standing in front of them. They instantly adjusted, and now I can’t imagine my classroom without an audio system.

I use my Redcat audio system every day for whole-class instruction. Wearing the non-invasive microphone helps me maintain an even speaking level tone in my voice and avoid yelling when trying to communicate with 30 students at one time. During small-group instruction, I turn off my microphone to allow students to collaborate and work in groups. When I need to address the class, I simply push a button to turn my microphone back on and the entire class—regardless of location within the room—easily hears my voice.

Why Redcat is the Perfect Fit:

With the Redcat, nobody has to work hard to be heard or to hear! This audio system is an absolute lifesaver. I suffer from facial muscle fatigue, and not having to project my voice to an uncomfortable level has saved my career. The Redcat has also helped me maintain a calm classroom atmosphere. My students love the fact that when they’re sitting in the back of the room, they don’t have to struggle to hear what I’m saying.