Resources for Discussing Classroom Audio Benefits

Bringing new technology into a classroom is rarely a simple process. Often, educators must work with administrative groups or other authority figures to get approval before equipment is even purchased.

But before school leaders commit time, resources, and funding for new technology, they have to determine if it: 

– meets the needs of students and teachers,

– supports district initiatives,

– will successfully improve the learning environment. 

To help with this consideration process, we’ve collected research, case studies, and success stories to help make the case for classroom and instructional audio in your school or district.  

The Many Benefits of Classroom Audio: 
“Sound systems help level the playing field, allowing every child the opportunity to clearly hear the spoken instruction.” Dr. Carol Flexer, Audiologist 

– Whitepaper: The Benefits of Classroom Audio Technology

– Research paper: Key Studies on Sound Field Amplification 

– Video: The Benefits of Classroom Audio 

Group Learning is Enriched with Lightspeed’s Activate: 
“Because of the implementation of the Activate System and mobile technology, our teachers have become better teachers.” Sonja Parks, Rockingham Assistant Superintendent 

– Case study: Using the Activate System to Formatively Assess Students in Small Groups 

– Case study: Cypress Fairbanks Creates One-of-a-Kind Learning Experience Using Audio Systems 

– Case study: “Rockin’ Classrooms of the Future” Give Every Student a Voice 

How Classroom Audio Supports 
ELL/ESL Students: 
“I have noticed that ESOL students are more engaged during lessons. They are more willing to participate orally than in the past.” Surveyed elementary teacher. 

– Whitepaper: Impact of Classroom Audio on High ESOL: Student Population: Mid-Atlantic School District 

– Whitepaper: The Impact of Classroom Noise on English Language Learners 

– Case study: Oregon District Provides Student Equity and Invest in ELL Students 

Creating a More Equitable Learning Environment with Classroom Audio: 

“We overlook temporary hearing loss that comes from drainage in the inner ear caused by colds and allergies. Information gets lost for these students, and for English language learners and students with ADHD.” Meg Visconti, District Speech Pathologist 

– Whitepaper: New School is a Model for Inclusion

– Case study: Educators at Richardson Elementary Discover How the Redcat System Can Engage a Variety of Students and Improve Their Ability to Learn

– Case study: Enhancing Portable Classroom Learning Environments with Lightspeed Audio Solutions

By sharing these diverse real-world success stories, you can help others understand how classroom audio can benefit your school.