Warranty, Return & Service Guidelines

Lightspeed Technologies product warranties and service repairs have continually set the industry standard. Lightspeed’s top priority is ensuring optimal system operation, resulting in minimal downtime for our customers. Our extensive product warranties are standard with every Lightspeed system purchased.

Warranty Information:

Instructional Audio Systems (Activate, Redcat, Topcat, 975, C25, Mobile PA, Access Link)

Lightspeed’s instructional audio products are under warranty for five (5) years. Details of the five (5) year warranty include:

  • Warranty on primary components including amplifier, charging station, group speakers is five (5) years.
  • Warranty on microphones (FMN, SMN, CMT) is five (5) years.
  • Warranty on lapel, headset and earset microphones is one (1) year.
  • Warranty on Lightspeed NiMH and Li-Ion rechargeable batteries is one (1) year.
  • Warranty does not extend to finish, appearance items, or malfunctions due to abuse or operation other than specified conditions, nor does it extend to incidental or consequential damages. Repair by other than Lightspeed or its authorized service agencies will void this warranty. Information on authorized service agencies is available from Lightspeed Technologies, Inc.
  • Lightspeed instructional audio products are not designed to be waterproof or water resistant and warranty does not extend to cover water damage due to weather or otherwise.
  • Immediate replacement of system or components requiring service will be sent to customer to minimize system downtime where applicable (see Warranty Exchange section below).

Microphones and Components that Support Discontinued Systems:

  • Warranty on microphones (FMA, SMA) is one (1) year.
  • Warranty on microphone cradle charger (FMCA) is one (1) year.


Warranty information for workmanship and cabling included in a Lightspeed installation

  • Warranty on cabling to be free from defects for one (1) year from date of installation
  • Repair or replacement at Lightspeed’s option any defective cabling materials provided by Lightspeed
  • Warranty on workmanship of installation for one (1) year from date of installation
  • Does not cover damages resulting from accident, misuse or abuse or lack of reasonable care of materials
  • Does not cover damage resulting from work performed by other companies (i.e. HVAC, Fire Alarm, Sprinkler, etc.)

Warranty Exchange:

Lightspeed has a Warranty Exchange Program in place for Instructional Audio systems within the warranty period with exception of the Mobile PA. If customers experience an issue with their system, a Lightspeed Technician will troubleshoot over the phone. If the system or component requires service, a replacement will immediately be sent to the customer to minimize downtime. Customers will receive replacement product(s)

within 2-3 business days along with a prepaid return label so malfunctioned equipment can be returned to Lightspeed.

Should Mobile PA system require service, the Mobile PA must first be shipped in for inspection and repair (at Lightspeed’s expense). Once the system is inspected and if any/all issues are validated to be covered under warranty, the system will be repaired or replaced and shipped back to the customer at no charge.

Any replacement equipment will be of the highest quality and remain covered under the original warranty.

Service Guidelines:

Lightspeed systems are directly supported and serviced at our service center and company headquarters in Tualatin, Oregon. Customers always have the option of calling to speak with a service technician to identify and resolve any issues at no additional charge. Lightspeed also offers an on-line service request form customers can complete and a service technician will contact them at the customer’s preferred time and convenience.

Regular Warranty items will be evaluated and usually repaired and shipped within 48 hours.


  • A purchase order or credit card number must be received prior to doing “For Charge” service work.
  • “For Charge” work will be completed as quickly as possible, usually within 48 hours of receipt of a hard copy of the purchase order or credit card number.

New or additional items purchased through the Service Department will be charged shipping and handling, such as additional batteries or other components not sent in for repair.

Lightspeed also offers an on-line interactive troubleshooting tutorial of our systems at www.lightspeed-tek.com.

Return Policy
To initiate a return you must call 800.732.8999 for a return authorization number. Returns after 30 days may incur a 15% restocking charge. Merchandise that is returned damaged will require assessment before account is credited, and may result in less than the full amount credited to the account.