Student using a sharemike from a Lightspeed instructional audio system in the classroom.

When your classroom works better
your students can too.

Students spend 75% of classroom time listening.
We’re 100% focused on making that clear.

Don’t let these common barriers get in the way of learning

Classroom Noise
Hearing loss

Intelligibility suffers with noise.

Background noises often obscure the soft consonant sounds, leaving “gaps” in speech and understanding.

Masks block out germs and learning.

Masks strain the teacher’s voice and their student’s ability to listen.

Speech gets quieter over distance.

Students farthest from the teacher only receive half the audio strength, leading to unequal access to learning.

Mild hearing loss is quite common.

Even temporary hearing loss due to ear infections and colds can lead to future deficiencies in subjects.

Lightspeed instructional audio systems create access to improved listening and learning between teachers and students.

Watch these short videos for a helpful overview of how our instructional audio solutions foster learning environments that are equitable, engaging and collaborative.

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Instructional audio creates better access to learning

When students hear every word, valuable teaching time is more productive and effective for all.


Increase on Stanford Achievement Test


Reduction in ELL word recognition


Fewer teacher redirections


Decrease in teacher absenteeism

How our solutions help

Engage the whole class in learning

A small microphone worn by the teacher improves intelligibility and distribution of sound and optimizes the entire classroom’s ability to hear and comprehend lessons.

Build an environment for sharing

When a student’s voice is heard by peers and teachers, they gain the skills and self-confidence to confront and master future challenges and responsibilities.

Amplify the teacher’s ability to connect with students

Multimedia is energizing instructional methods. Provide clear and even distribution of all audio by integrating seamlessly with your laptops, displays, A/V systems and more.

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Enhanced learning for the entire classroom

Lightspeed instructional audio systems provide clear and even distribution of voice
and multimedia throughout the classroom. They create better access to learning. For each and every student.

Whole-Class System


Table-top audio, no installation


Ceiling mounted, all-in-one audio


Installed amplifier + speakers

Small Group Learning


2-way audio pods for small groups