The Impact of Instructional Audio on Modern Classroom: An Interview with Dr. Stephanie Meyer

In this episode, host Shari Eberts interviews Dr. Stephanie Meyer, a distinguished audiologist with 28 years of experience, including 27 years specializing in educational audiology. Dr. Meyer offers her insights on the transformative role of instructional audio technology in modern classrooms.

She delves into how these technologies are creating more inclusive learning environments by ensuring all students have equal access to auditory curriculum. She discusses various audio solutions, such as direct systems that interface with students’ hearing aids and surround sound systems that improve overall classroom acoustics.

Dr. Meyer emphasizes the significant positive impact these technologies have on student engagement and learning outcomes. She also addresses the challenges that students, educators, and school districts encounter when implementing these systems.

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Drawing from her extensive experience, Dr. Meyer provides practical strategies for overcoming adoption barriers. She concludes by sharing her vision for the future of audiology in education, highlighting the potential for continued innovation and improved learning experiences for all students.

Throughout the interview, Dr. Meyer’s expertise and passion for educational audiology shine through, demonstrating why she is a leading voice in this field.